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Z36 smart watch (Custom watch faces, multiple sports features, calling feature, notifications etc

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Z36 smartwatch complete video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtNaN7uZs4A&t=60s

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IWO apple Z36 smart watch | Apple series 7 Replica.

best smart watch under 5,000 IWO apple Z36 smart watch Apple series 7 Replica z36 smartwatch with wireless charging.

Z36 smart watch is a replica of Apple series 7 concept. Z36 smart watch has a unique dial and fine finishing. It has a calling feature, you can attend and answer call in z36 smart watch. Z36 smart watch has multiple fitness and sports features like heart rate, spo2, running, skipping, sleep monitor, indoor and outdoor sports. Z36 smart watch is a best Budget smart watch in Pakistan & india. It’s a cheapest smart watch in 2022 with amazing features. It has 6 wallpaper and you can add more watch faces in it. You can add your photo in this smart watch. It’s a best smart watch if you compare it with i7 pro smart watch , i watch 7 smart watch, ht99 smart watch, ht66 smart watch, mc72 pro smart watch and m7 smart watch. This smart watch will connect with your android and ios apple phone through “FDFIT” Application. You will receive notifications of sms, call, whatspapp, twitter, Instagram etc.

√ 42/44mm dial size

√ Battery Life: Upto 1 week

√ HD Touch Screen

√ 2 Main Menu Styles

√ Custome Watch Faces

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