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NIA X-2 Bluetooth wireless headphone

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Color : Black, White, Grey




Features Advanced Bluetooth Technology
Deployed with Bluetooth technology, this headset empowers you to enjoy unparalleled connectivity with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device like your smart phone PC or Laptop . You can pair and play this headset with your Bluetooth device within 10 meter range and enjoy your favorite tracks from different devices with ease.

Built-in Microphone for Hands-Free Talking
If you’ve been listening to music on your smart phone, then you would know what a hassle it is to carry your phone in your hands all the time and of course, not to mention the fear of dropping your expensive phone on the ground while jogging and performing heavy duty exercises. NIA-X2 is the answer to your worries and fear. It comes with a built-in microphone which allows you to pick, talk and end calls, plus fast forwarding or rewinding of your music without having your phone in your hands all the time.

Clear Sound and Deep Bass
Featuring sound isolating ear cushions coupled with high performance 40mm drivers and fine-tuned acoustics, NIA-X2 provides you top quality sound with deep bass and clear audio; truly making your listening experience extra-ordinary.

Micro SD/TF Card Player
With this headset, you can keep the music pumping even if your iPod battery dies or you forget it at home, all thanks to its Micro SD/TF Card Player. This feature allows you to play music, anytime, anywhere, without a Bluetooth Connection. The Micro SD/TF slot is located at the side of the headset where you can insert your card and play your favorite tunes stored in it, without any hassle. It supports volume up to 32GB.

Long-Lasting Comfort
Comfort is often a concern for headset users but with NIA-X2, you don’t have to worry about it! It is ergonomically designed with super soft easy cushions delivering optimal comfort to users.

Trendy Piece of Hardware
With this headset, you are bound to make heads turn and jaws drop. This piece of hardware is super stylish, boasting contemporary aesthetics. It is available in a wide range of colors such as red, purple, yellow, red, orange, black, white, blue, pink, dark green and grey.

Other features include:
•Up to 12 hours talk time
•Low maintenance LI-Polymer battery
•FM Radio Function with a range of 87-108MHz
•Instant Music Sharing – this feature allows your headset to work as a socket, letting you share your music with your friends.
•Fully collapsible so you can easily fold it down and carry it anywhere

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